Victoria, a.k.a. SEO Blogging Diva, Happy at Work

What a magnificent and glorious day it is to live and work on the Gulf Coast of Florida. This is me blogging away in my office with the windows wide open.  Yes, it’s wee bit messy at times, but it’s my creative mess and sacred place for writing and teaching others how to effectively business blog on WordPress.

This lovely photo of my back is unaltered, fixed up, airbrushed or beautified (obviously), just me enjoying the day doing what I love best, writing and teaching others how to business blog on WordPress.  That little black and white critter walking across my keyboard, is Leo and Dali, my Aussie Shepard is currently serving as a comfy, furry foot rest.  She’s always been a bit camera – no prima donna doggie that one.

I have to admit that I feel extremely blessed doing what I love for a living and that includes helping others be as successful as they can be online!!

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