Blogging for Business – Are You on the Bus or Off?

SEO Blogging Tips, SEO Blog CoachingBlogging for Biz – Are You on the Bus or Off?

Top search engine placement requires nothing less than diligent hard work on your part, the willingness to switch gears into overdrive and try new tactics at a moment’s notice (white hat of course), give total commitment as a blogger utilizing high octane sweat equity and a lot your valuable time.

Search Engine Placement does not come EASY

Truth is that decent search engine placement does not happen over night and if anyone promises they can get it for you that quickly, head for the hills because it is a lie. No one can “guarantee” you top search engine placement by pulling a magical SEO rabbit out of their hat. Placement that makes a difference will happen organically if you blog consistently on a properly configured (front and back-end) WordPress blogging platform – no false promises or SEO trickery necessary.

WordPress is only a Tool, Albeit a Powerful One

A dynamic data base driven site like WordPress is just a tool and requires your wholehearted participation in the entire process, i.e blogging smartly on a consistent and regular basis (can’t stress that enough). Gone are the days when you could hire an SEO company or SEO content writer to do the work for you.  And to be honest, most SEO companies make big promises and give you information that won’t help your online presence grow in leaps and bounds.

With the heady pace of technological advancement and the full swing return of user-generated content, we can no longer expect top search engine placement with a static website, template website or even a blog website that is not tended to on a regular basis offering h fresh and engaging content.

Times Have Changed and will Continue to Change

Once a social past time, blogging has fully morphed into the most important means for promoting your business on the Internet. Blogging isn’t a fad like the pet rock or slinky.  It ‘s a societal trend that will continue to grow exponentially and one that is not going away anytime soon.

The bottom line is that if you are not blogging at least 2 times per week (3 times per week to kick start a new blog), expect to get left behind by your competitors.

So, what exactly makes a Super Fly Blogger?

  • They find generic, search engine placement fodder distasteful.
  • They don’t look for topics to blog about from other websites.
  • They don’t copy, scrape or spin the words of other bloggers.
  • They trust in their own knowledge-base and voice.
  • They blog from gut and experience, even from the stupid mistakes they’ve made and learned from.
  • They understand that diversity, original thought and opinion is why people read blogs in the first place.
  • They are respectful of others in the blogosphere, even when they disagree.
  • They build up a loyal following because they put out positive energy.
  • They appreciate their loyal following because they understand that when it comes to blogging, comments and discussion means everything.

Search Engine Trickery – Don’t Do It

In case you haven’t heard, Google has been severely cracking down on black hat trickster, SEO tactics including keyword stuffing and link baiting.  Overly keyword stuffed content may get you short term placement ( if you don’t get spanked by Google first), but it won’t get your site visitors to pick up the phone or contact you.  Keyword stuffed content is unreadable and has a high bounce off and low conversion rate.

The Hard & Fast Rules from Our SEO Play Book

Even though SEO Blogging Diva builds dynamic WordPress sites that are configured for server to search engine communication par none and offer engaging, optimized content, we can not guarantee search engine placement if our clients don’t adhere to the following hard and fast rules from our time proven WordPress SEO playbook :

  • Create a diversified content plan (subject to change as you grow)
  • Blog for PEOPLE, not search engines
  • Blog consistently at least 2- 3 times a week utilizing proper usability/SEO formatting

If you committed to having a winning online presence and don’t have the time to pump out 2 – 3 articles per week, we offer professionally optimized content services with usability/SEO formatting.

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